Simple steps to upgrade Sitecore 8.2 application to 10

We always get release notes and upgrade packages whenever a minor or major version of Sitecore is released. But I am a fan of simplicity and wanted to try out another path to upgrade a Sitecore 8.2 web application to Sitecore 10.

Lets first know about the Sitecore 8.2 web application, it is a simple POC application for Hotel chains known as Fortune Hotel.

The application implements only XM part but is configured on XP. The forms implemented are custom MVC forms with Recaptcha implementation. The .Net framework used is 4.6.2 and there is no Helix principles approach followed.

Looking at the above characteristics, I thought of jotting down below approach:

  1. Create Sitecore packages from Sitecore 8.2 web applications. Creating the packages separately for Templates, Media, Renderings. Dictionary and Content.
  2. Installing Vanilla Sitecore 10 instance. In case if you are planning to host in Azure then you can go through this blog.
  3. Take a back up of Master DB and website folder of Sitecore 10 instance.
  4. Install the Sitecore packages on the new Sitecore instance.
  5. Take the backup of Visual Studio solution for Sitecore 8.2
  6. Remove the references (physical files or NuGet packages) of Sitecore.Kernel, Sitecore.Mvc and any other dll used.
  7. Change the target framework of the Project from 4.6.2 to 4.8 in the properties.
  8. Add the Sitecore.Kernel, Sitecore.Mvc and any other references using NuGet Packages required for Sitecore 10 version.
  9. Build the Solution.
  10. Publish it on the new instance website folder.

Once we are done with above 10 simple steps, we will need to do any audit to verify which other changes are left, few common changes can be:

  1. Changes in Core DB.
  2. Custom config file created but not a part of Visual Studio solution.
  3. Changes done directly in the default config files.
  4. Custom Core created in Search.
  5. Third party integrations.
  6. Any endpoint stored in Sitecore needs to be updated manually.

These points worked for me to upgrade the web application to Sitecore 10. It was small POC web application and hence the process was very simple.

In live projects, you will need to take care of new changes taking place in parallel to your upgradation process. So the key role will be to maintain the delta and have a content freeze before switching to the upgraded website.

I hope these pointers can help you in your upgradation process.

Thank you.. Keep Learning.. Keep Sitecoring.. 🙂

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