My Sitecore Journey in 2020

Hello Sitecorians!


I am Rohan Kenkre. I am here to talk about my Sitecore journey so far. Don’t worry I am not going to bug you with the usual details. I will keep my introduction very simple; I am a husband to a beautiful woman (Vedanti) and I stay in Pune, India.  

Sitecore User Group Organization:

I have always believed in Team Contributions rather than Individual Contributor.

I wanted to do something for the Sitecore community but was not sure exactly what!

I got in touch with my ex-colleagues who are now my family friends (Vinod Chavan and Sandeep Patil) to brainstorm and we came up with idea of forming SUG for Pune. We didn’t have enough knowledge from where to start and how to achieve the goals we are targeting. Anindita Bhattacharya and Gopikrishna Reddy Gujjula are the two persons who helped us at each step and I cannot thank them enough for their support.

We founded SUG Pune in the month of May, organised around 12 Webinars till date and there are 4 more scheduled till year end with around 140 members of the group.

Also, to help the community, I created Regional WhatsApp group where the members can get quick assistance on the issues they are facing like a Slack channel. During the pandemic, it was noticed that few of our professionals lost their job and to help them I started an initiative to list the Sitecore jobs across PAN India on SUG Pune site. We – SUGPune team were overwhelmed with response and are happy to tell you that 2 professionals were hired through our portal.

Sitecore Lunch India Organization:

I have also been organising #SitecoreLunch India every Saturday at 1:15 PM IST, where we discuss not only the health of Sitecore Community members but also fun facts are discussed.  During these discussions we have also gained knowledge on the new technologies and features that are launched by Sitecore through MVPs on this platform.

Few Contributions:

  • I started blogging on the basics of Sitecore and issues I faced, on my personal blogging site ( with an intention to refer it in the future. I still can’t believe of the response I got for my blogs from Sitecore community across the globe. I have received around 11K views in the span of a year. I would like to Thank all of you who have always guided and inspired me. Moh Shabib had gone through few of my initial blogs and provided me the feedback which have helped me in the long run.

I would have mentioned the blog links but there are too many (around 90 to be precise), instead I will mention the blog series which got huge response:

  1. Sitecore Learning Series
  2. My Sitecore on Azure Journey
  3. Sitecore Dummy Website

Knowledge Sharing through Presenting:

  • I have presented at SUG Jordan on July 05, 2020 on Importance of CX (Customer Experience) and it’s optimization
  • I also got an opportunity to present at SUG Pune on October 24, 2020 on Increasing CX (Customer Experience) by optimizing Media Library images by 80%
  • I will be presenting at SUGPAK and SUGCH by this year end. At the moment the schedule is not finalized.
  • I have conducted an unofficial Sitecore Introductory Training for the Sitecore Newbies in month of May where I got the response from 50+ professionals.

Offline Activities:

As I am really fond of knowledge sharing, I like to train Sitecore newbies on this platform. I am following this practice in my current Organization as well.

I got an opportunity to help Michael West to test the SPE 6.2 latest packages and provide feedback.

I try to get in touch with Sitecore team to provide best solutions for the community. In the month of Feb, Sitecore discontinued Trial license which troubled the newbies to try and learn Sitecore platform. I managed to contact Sitecore Team (Jason St-Cyr) who helped me and informed that we can write an email to the Training team and we will be provided with trail license.

I also mentor few juniors who are progressing in their Sitecore Journey.

Social Presence:

I am very active on few social media channels – LinkedIn, Twitter and Slack. I keep myself updated with the Sitecore events that are happening across the globe and also make sure that I share it. I sincerely try to reply with solutions or suggestions with my limited knowledge to the community members who are facing issues or are trying to implement new infra.

My handles are listed below:



Slack – @kenkre_rohan

Thank you Note:

I consider myself very fortunate to be part of this community and to have the mentors from this community. I would like to thank and show my gratitude to all the members who have been a part of my Sitecore journey. Apologies if I haven’t mentioned your name but you still stand very important to me in this journey. I will continue this Journey in upcoming year i.e. 2021 as well and hope to see a lot of new faces joining me here.

2 thoughts on “My Sitecore Journey in 2020

  1. I am extremely happy that Sitecore has acknowledged my efforts towards enrichment of Sitecore platform and community members, with the announcement and inclusion of my name in Sitecore MVP 2020. I am thankful to Sitecore for the recognition as well as all my colleagues and team members who have been a part of this journey and the Sitecore community for being so helpful. I will use this blog to discuss my journey to this award and what it takes to be a Sitecore MVP.


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