Sitecore Dummy Website Series

In this series we will create a dummy site using Sitecore. We will not use Helix in this example because this example is for newbies or the beginners who are very new to Sitecore. Once we are comfortable with the legacy approach, I will create one more series on learning Sitecore with Helix series.

So lets take a simple HTML template which we will convert into Sitecore website. To download the HTML template, you can click here.

The blogs in this series are as below:

  1. Introduction to the Dummy Website series using Sitecore.
  2. Creating a Visual Studio solution.
  3. Understanding the components in the HTML template.
  4. Designing templates – the Information Architecture.
  5. Content Creation for the Layout – Part I.
  6. Content Creation for the Layout – Part II.
  7. Setting up Dictionary Items (Resource Strings).
  8. Creating a Layout – Part I.
  9. Creating a Layout – Part II.
  10. Creating a Layout – Part III.
  11. Creating a Layout – Part IV.
  12. Building Home page Components – Main Banner.
  13. Building Home page Components – Featured Services section.
  14. Building Home page Components – Safe & Secure tagline section.
  15. Building Home page Components – Testimonials.
  16. Building Home page Components – Facts & Figures.
  17. Building Home page Components – Why Choose Us?
  18. Building Home page Components – Services Section.
  19. Creating Services Details and Listing pages.
  20. Creating a Contact page.

As the series progresses, Ill keep appending the blogs to the above list. Please do subscribe so that you are informed whenever a new blog is released.

Once this series is completed, Ill start creating videos on both these series which is the most loved way of learning.

In case you are facing any issues or have any queries related to the blogs, please reach out to me.

Thank you.. Keep Learning.. Keep Sitecoring.. 🙂