EXM not visible after Sitecore 10 installation

There was strange thing when we first installed Sitecore 10. The EXM app was not visible on Launchpad.

After connecting with experts on Sitecore community and slack channels, we understood that EXM module is tightly coupled with Sitecore License. We examined our partner license.

To examine the license, you can go to Control Panel from Launchpad and click on Installed Licenses.

Once you click on installed Licenses, you will get a pop up with the list of modules that are covered in your license & we noticed that EXM was not of that list.

We got in touch with Sitecore Sales in our Country asked for the license with EXM module as we can request it for Partner licenses.

Once we received the new license it was easy, we replaced the old license with the new one at 3 places:
1. Identity Server (<your identity server instance folder>\sitecoreruntime)
2. Website (<your sitecore website instance folder>\App_Data)
3. xConnect (<your xConnect instance folder>\App_Data)

Once the license is replaced, just login to Sitecore and see the Launchpad.

In this blog, we saw how to make the EXM app visible on Launchpad in Sitecore 10.

Thank you.. Keep Learning.. Keep Sitecoring.. 🙂

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