Sitecore Learning Series

A lot of beginners and .Net developers ask me this question – How & where can we learn Sitecore quickly? There are many things which we can suggest but to go into newbie’s shoe and understand what is that they want to learn is very important. So I have blogged a series on the basics of Sitecore.

The series of Blogs are as below:

  1. Get started with Sitecore
  2. Installing the required Software
  3. Install and Setup Solr as a service
  4. Different Resources that can be helpful for Learning Sitecore
  5. Installing Sitecore instance
  6. Different interfaces and applications in the Launchpad
  7. Editing the existing page
  8. Integrating Visual Studio solution and Sitecore instance
  9. How to resolve the error related to System.Web.Mvc dll version
  10. What is template and how to create it?
  11. What are different types of Field types in Sitecore? – Part I
  12. What are different types of Field types in Sitecore? – Part II
  13. What are Standard Values in Sitecore? And how they are useful?
  14. Where does our Media items sit in Sitecore?
  15. What is Layout in Sitecore and How can we create it?
  16. What are Renderings? Which ones we frequently use?
  17. Sitecore – Placeholders and placeholder settings
  18. Sitecore – Dynamic Placeholders
  19. Datasources in Sitecore
  20. Feedback on Sitecore Learning Series