Accessing Sitecore files from Azure PaaS instance

In previous blogs, we have seen how to install Sitecore on Azure & how to publish Visual Studio code to Sitecore Azure PaaS instance. But there are scenarios where we need to check some settings or access different files present in Sitecore instance.

To do so, we have FTP option for our rescue, we will need have FTP Client on our machine and then we can access the files through it. FTP is bidirectional but avoid uploading files to Sitecore instance through FTP instead use Visual Studio publish.

Lets see the steps involved to access the Sitecore Files using FTP:

  1. We need to have FTP Client on our machine. You can use any FTP Client, we will use FileZilla in this blog.
  2. Create a folder where you want to download the Sitecore file from the Azure. (In my case: D:\Sitecore Azure\Dummy CM Files)
  3. Open FileZilla application, navigate to our folder in the left side panel.
    FileZilla Screen
  4. Go to the Azure Portal >> Resource Groups.
    Resource Group
  5. Click on your resource group. In our case, sitecoredemo.
    App-Service Listing
  6. Click on CM app service, lets try to access the files under CM site.
  7. Once the CM app service detailed page is loaded, you can see the FTP hostname.
    App Service FTP endpoint
  8. Copy the FTP hostname and paste it in the FileZilla’s Host field.
    FileZilla Host
  9. Switch to Azure Portal. Click on the Deployment Center in the left Menu.
    App Service FTP deployment center
  10. Scroll down till you see FTP option. Click on it and Click on Dashboard Button.
    App Service FTP details1
  11. The credentials for the FTP will be displayed on your screen.
    App Service FTP details2
  12. Copy the username and password in FileZilla’s username and password field.
    FileZilla Credentials
  13. Click on Quickconnect button.
  14. The files from the Sitecore Azure PaaS instance can be seen in the right panel.
    FileZilla Files
  15. The files which you want to access, you can drag it to left panel and those files will be saved on your machine.

In this simple steps you can access Sitecore files from Azure PaaS environment. Same steps can be followed to access the files on CD site.

Thank you.. Keep Learning.. Keep Sitecoring.. 🙂

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