Publishing the VS solution to Sitecore Azure PaaS instance

In the previous blog we saw how to install Sitecore on Azure PaaS but that is one part of it. Once you successfully install the sitecore, you should also be able to publish your Visual Studio code to this instance.

In this blog, we will see how to do it. Assuming the below things are in place:

  1. You have Sitecore installed on Azure.
  2. You have a Sitecore Visual Studio solution ready. In this blog, we will use a dummy one.

Lets see the steps involved:

  1. Go the Azure Portal >> Resource Group.
    Resource Group
  2. Click on your resource group for Sitecore (sitecoredemo in my case)
  3. Lets assume we want to deploy the code first on CM site, so click on CM app service.
    App-Service Listing
  4. Once the detail page of App service is loaded, you will see an option for “Get publish profile”.
    App Service
  5. Click on Get Publish profile and the file will be downloaded on your machine.
  6. Go to Visual Studio solution.
    VS Solution
  7. Build the solution. Once the build is successful, right click >> Publish.
    Publish VS Solution
  8. Click on Publish.
  9. Click on Import Profile.
    Import Publish profile
  10. Browse the downloaded publish profile file.
  11. The publishing will begin.
    Publishing to Azure
  12. Once the publishing is successfully completed, browse the CM site and access Sitecore to verify if everything is working as expected.

To publish the code to CD site, follow the similar steps, go to CD app service and download the publish profile.

This completes our learning of publishing VS code to Sitecore Azure PaaS instance.

Thank you.. Keep Learning.. Keep Sitecoring.. 🙂

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