How to create SOLR cores on Azure hosted SOLR service?

In this blog, we will check 2 ways of creating the SOLR cores.

How to create a core in SOLR with API?

http://%5BYOUR SOLR SITE ADDRESS]/solr/admin/cores? action=CREATE&name=sitecore10demo_custom_index&instanceDir=sitecore10demo_custom_index&configSet=_default&dataDir=data

Here are details about parameters –

actionCREATECommand to create core
namesitecore10demo_custom_indexName of the core
instanceDirsitecore10demo_custom_indexDirectory name
configSet_defaultConfigset to be used
dataDirDataData directory

How to create a core in SOLR manually?

We can create core manually on our local system and then can copy these Cores to Solr instance through FTP.

Assuming, we have Solr folder (c:\solr840) which is created in earlier steps, we can use this for creating new cores.

Navigate to \Server\Solr folder (e.g. c:\solr840\server\solr) where you can see a folder named configsets and few files (shown as below).

Let’s assume that we need to create a solr core with name sitecore10demo_custom_index.

Create a folder with name sitecore10demo_custom_index here.

Now we need to copy conf folder from \server\solr\configsets\_default location to newly created sitecore10demo_custom_index folder.

We need to create a text file named in sitecore10demo_custom_index folder with following content.


Here we need to provide name as sitecore10demo_custom_index since it is the name of the core.

Folder structure –

Content of File:

We are done with creating the core folder at our local system, now we need to copy this (sitecore10demo_custom_index) to our cloud instance. For this we can use the FTP and copy it to /server/solr/ location.

How to use FTP and copy the files/folder to SOLR cloud instance, refer the Deploy local SOLR instance to Azure steps in this blog.

Once the newly SOLR core folder (sitecore10demo_custom_index) copied to cloud instance, restart the SOLR App Service to reflect this change. After restarting the newly create core can be seen in core list of SOLR dashboard.

In these 2 ways we can create the Cores in SOLR which is hosted on Azure.

Thank you.. Keep Learning.. Keep Sitecoring.. 🙂

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