Creating a free account on Azure Portal

In this blog, we will learn how to create a free account on Azure Portal to start learning Sitecore on Azure PaaS.

Lets start the process in step by step manner.

  1. Go to Microsoft site where you can create a free account.
  2. Click on the Start Free button.
    Start Free
  3. You will be redirected to the Sign In page. Click on Create one.
    Create One
  4. Start with filling in your email address.
  5. In case it is already registered with Microsoft then create a new address.
  6. Then you will redirected to Create a password.
  7. Fill in the Captcha, and click Next.
  8. The Sign Up Page will load.
    Sign Up
  9. Enter your details. There are total 4 sections. Ignore the optional fields to speed up the form filling time.
  10. In the second section, you will receive an OTP to verify your mobile number.
  11. Third section will be to enter the Card details. Don’t worry nothing is charged on your card until you upgrade your subscription plan. Also add the address along with Card details.
  12. You will be asked to pay in range of Re 1 to Rs 5 (For India region) to verify your card and that will reverted to the card in 1-2 business day.
  13. Last section is to accept the Terms and Conditions of Azure. You can read the terms and accept it.
  14. Click Sign up. It will take a while to confirm your information.
  15. Once done, you will see a message that you are ready to start with Azure.
    Go to the Portal
  16. Click on ‘Go to the Portal’ button.
  17. You will be asked whether you want to download Azure Portal App or you will like to Continue with website. You can take steps according to your choice. I will to continue with website.
  18. The dashboard of Azure Portal will be loaded with one notification (Rs. 13300 credits in your free account).
    Azure Portal

And your journey on Azure Cloud has started. Welcome to Azure.

Thank you.. Keep Learning.. Keep Sitecoring.. 🙂



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