Understanding the components in the HTML template

Now considering that you have downloaded Logistico.zip, we will understand what all components we will be building. So once you have downloaded the zip, extract it. You will be able to see different HTML files & folders.

For simplicity, we will concentrate on Home page first which means we will be concern about index.html file. Browse this file in the browser.

Before concentrating on different components, lets understand what all things are present uniformly across all the pages in the website.

The components that are common on all the pages:

  1. Header
  2. Get Estimates (Form)
  3. Social Media Handles & Locations
  4. Footer

Since these components are common on all the pages we need to add it to the Layout (Master page).

Other components present on the Home page are:

  1. Hero Banner Component
  2. Transportation Features Component
  3. Services Carousal Component
  4. Contact Action Component
  5. Why Choose us Component
  6. Achievement Figures Component
  7. Testimonials Component

These components, we need to create and assemble on Home page to create a complete Home page in Sitecore.

Lets start with Information Architecture in the next blog.

Thank You.. Keep Learning.. Keep Sitecoring.. 🙂

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