Sitecore and Brandfolder Integration

We had a requirement of integrating the Sitecore instance with Brandfolder for managing the assets.

Brief about the Brandfolder:

Brandfolder is a DAM (Digital Asset Management) which helps marketers and creatives manage and distribute all of their assets, and understand how they’re performing.

The idea of the integration was to upload all the images and files to Brandfolder and use a connector to pull the required assets to the Media Library.

The connector is a Sitecore package which you can get once you contact the Brandfolder support( but you need to customize it a bit as the Sitecore package contains RestSharp dll which causes version conflict when you install the connector.

The Integration is very easy and smooth:

  1. Create a API key in the Brandfolder settings (
  2. Once you install the connector, you will see it is as Module under Settings node.
  3. Go to the Brandfolder Account item under Modules and enter the API key generated in step 1.
  4. The Sitecore package which we installs modifies the File template and you will be able to see a Brandfolder section for each asset.
  5. Just follow simple 5 steps under “Adding Brandfolder Assets to Sitecore” section on this page –

There are two ways to pull the data from Brandfolder either manually from the Home Tab:

Or by creating a Sitecore Task scheduler to automatically update and create new assets under the Media Library folder:

Schedule Syncs

1. Navigate the Sitecore folders by going to System > Tasks > Schedules. Right click on schedules, hover over insert and select schedule. 

2. A new modal will appear, type in the name of your schedule and select OK

3. Fill out the necessary data:

Reference Links:


The above one is a free connector if you already have a license for Brandfolder but if you don’t want to manage and want the paid integration then you can refer this option.

Hope it helps!

Thank you.. Keep Learning.. Keep Sitecoring.. 🙂

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