A big thank you from Sitecore Diaries for 25K views in a year!

This year has been amazing for me as I received my first ever “Sitecore Technology MVP” award, started a new job and moved to my new home! With that said, I got a chance to share my knowledge through online channels compared to offline channels. My goal is always to create a knowledge base which can help “future me :P”, my colleagues and as well as all the community members. I started blogging 2 years back but never expected it to be such a success. I am very happy to announce on the occasion of Diwali that I have achieved my second milestone (bigger than my previous milestone of 10K) i.e. 25000 views in year 2021.

I have been working with Sitecore platform for 7 years already and gained good knowledge of the platform (still a lot to catch up with) and lot to share with you all. 

Today it made my day when I saw 36000+ views in my blog’s stats with almost 12000+ new visitors. I came to this milestone around in 2 year’s time as I actively started blogging from October 2019.

From the time i.e. April this year, I have started getting average of 2000+ views on my blog site every month.

The love shown by the community across the globe is something which makes me write and share my knowledge even more.

Looking at the above screen, I can only say that, I am simply amazed and thankful!

I could not have thought at the beginning when I started blogging that I will receive this kind of response and that my blog posts will help so many people around the globe.

Thank you all my readers, followers and friends for your comments, feedbacks, retweets, private messages on Social Media channels and additional questions that helped me improve myself.

Special thanks goes to:

  1. First of all, my family and friends who are okay that I spend my family time on writing blogs and sharing knowledge by presenting at SUGs
  2. My colleagues who inspires me to write and share the knowledge for all the issues that we face in the project or the learnings we take while working.
  3. Special thanks to the beautiful Sitecore Community which provides the feedback and improves me as an Author or presenter.

Big “Thank you” to all once again!!

Keep Learning.. Keep Sitecoring.. 🙂

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