Sitecore CM site size crosses 100 GB in space

We recently found that our CM Server C disk space was nearing to be full and to our surprise, we didn’t have much media files or high sized files at website folder level. So we started troubleshooting the scenario.

The strange part was the App_Data folder was 98GB+ and we thought it might be due to the logs and packages that we create or install. Without wasting time we cleaned the logs folder and Packages folder under App_Data.

We also implemented some of the best practices like cleaning up logs files, removing the sitecore packages from the Package folder, using another disk for Serialization folder. Digging more in detail as to which files would be taking up such a huge amount of disk space nearly 97GB it was discovered that Websites\App_Data\mediaIndexing is the one occupying such a large size.

We knew that from Sitecore 9.x versions media indexing for pdfs and other formats is now inbuilt in Sitecore. We googled more about it and found a wonderful blog by TechITPro.

In their blog, there are 3 things we can do to resolve this issue:

  1. Clear the files manually(delete the files) and Sitecore will create it as and when required.
  2. Use the patch file on their blog to delete the files older than 30 days.
  3. Disable the MediaIndexing completely if you are not willing to use it.

We went with the first approach and there was no impact at all. Also our DevOps team noted a task that they will clear this folder every 3 months to keep the site in good shape.

Hope it was helpful.

Thank you.. Keep Learning.. Keep Sitecoring.. 🙂

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