A big thank you from Sitecore Diaries for 10K views!

This year isn’t amazing for anyone due to the pandemic which hit the world in early March. Since everyone was working from home, each community member started sharing more than usual. Even I got a chance to share it through online channels compared to offline channels. Goal was to create a knowledge base where it helps my colleagues as well all the community members. I started blogging but never expected it to be such a success. I am very happy to announce on the occasion of Dussehra that I have achieved my first (small but close to my heart) milestone i.e. 10000 views.

I have been working with Sitecore platform for 5+ years already and gained good knowledge of the platform and lots of it’s modules. 

Today it made my day when I saw 10000 views in my blog’s stats with almost 3100 visitors. I came to this milestone around in a year’s time as I actively started blogging from last October.

From past year I have written and published 85+ blog posts.

From the time of pandemic i.e. April this year, I have started getting average of 1100+ views on my blog site every month. The love shown by the community across the globe is something which makes me write and share my knowledge more and more.

Looking at the above screen, I can only say that, I am simply amazed!

I could not have thought at the beginning when I started blogging that I will receive this kind of response and that my blog posts will help so many people around the globe.

The most viewed blog posts/series of blogs are:

  1. Sitecore Learning Series.
  2. Dummy Website in Sitecore.
  3. My Azure’s Journey.

Thank you!

Thank you all my readers, followers and friends for your comments, feedbacks, retweets, private messages on Social Media channels and additional questions that helped me improve myself.

Special thanks goes to:

  1. First of all, my family and friends who are okay that I spend my family time on writing blogs and sharing knowledge by presenting at SUGs
  2. My colleagues who inspires me to write and share the knowledge for all the issues that we face in the project or the learnings we take while working.
  3. The beautiful Sitecore Community which provides the feedback and improves me as an Author or presenter.
  4. Special thanks to Moh Shabib who told me & inspired to blog more often.

Big “Thank you” to all once again!!

Keep Learning.. Keep Sitecoring.. 🙂

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