Creating package using Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (SPE) for multiple items

In the previous blog, we saw how to create a package of items and it’s related item using SPE but it was for a single item. Now generally that’s not the case in most of our requirements. So lets explore how to create a package for multiple items along with their related items.

To create a package of multiple items, we have to follow similar steps which we followed in the previous blog. The steps will remain same from step 1 till Step 7.

Now we have some additional steps to do once the pop up disappear. Lets consider you followed the steps in previous blog for item – ‘New Test Template’ in my case.
Sitecore Item

Lets consider we want to add Item ‘Images with Optimization’ as another item to be added to the same package.

Additional steps after Step 7 from previous blog are as below:

  1.  Right click on ‘Images with Optimization’ >> Scripts.
    Scripts option
  2. Click Scripts >> Packaging >> Add Tree to Package.
  3. Set the Installation Options to “Ask User” and select the options according to your requirement in “Include Linked Items” field.
    Installation Options
  4. Click OK. And wait for the process to complete.
  5. The pop up will disappear once the process is complete.
  6. Right click on any item >> Scripts >> Packaging >> Download the package.
  7. Fill in the details like Author, Publisher, Version, etc.
    Download Package
  8. Click OK. And you will get a pop up to download the package.
    Download Option
  9. Click Download.

Following this blog you have successfully packaged multiple items and their linked items using Sitecore PowerShell Extension (SPE).

Thank you.. Happy Learning.. Happy Sitecoring.. 🙂



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