Different interfaces and applications in the Launchpad

The Sitecore dashboard(Launchpad) is your gateway into Sitecore. Sitecore comes with a lot of tools for you to use. The dashboard is split into four main areas ‘Marketing Applications’, ‘Content Editing’, ‘Control Panel’, and ‘Access Management’.


The namely tools and applications are as below:

Marketing Applications
Experience Analytics
Experience Profile
Federated Experience Manager
Experience Optimization
List Manager
Campaign Creator
Path Analyzer
Marketing Control Panel

Content Editing
Content Editor
Experience Editor
Media Library
Recycle Bin

Control Panel
Control Panel
Komfo Social
App Center

Access Management
User Manager
Security Editor
Access Viewer
Domain Manager
Role Manager

For now, we can skip Marketing applications as all the tools are used for advanced functionalities such as Analytics, Goal triggering, online & offline campaign creation, etc.

We will concentrate on Content Editing, Control Panel, and Access Management. I will explain some applications which we will be using in the series of blogs to learn Sitecore.

Content Editing is mainly for managing the Content –

  • Content Editor & Experience Editor are used to add or edit the content.
  • Media Library is a central repository for all the media files.
  • WorkBox is a interface where all the items under workflow are listed.
  • Recycle Bin is as name suggests, all the deleted items will be listed in the recycle bin which can be restored or deleted permanently.

Control Panel is mainly for Managing and using admin applications –

  • Control Panel is used for various purposes like changing password, rebuilding indexes, license details, etc.
  • Desktop is one of the interface where you can do more then just editing the content.

Access Management is related to the users and roles and as name suggests we can specify the accesses of each item based on each role or user. It is always good to set the access based on the role compared to user.

We will go through all the apps and tools in detail as we come across each of them.

In next blog we will learn editing the content of the existing page.

Thank you.. Keep Learning.. Keep Sitecoring.. 🙂

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