Sitecore Tips – Search and Replace

This blog is very simple tip but thought of sharing it.

We had a rebranding of a word across our Media like (News, Events, Blogs, etc.) and it is impossible to go to each and every word manually and change it. The simplest solution was to write a Script in SPE and execute.

Then I remembered about the Search Operations we get as a part of the advanced search in Sitecore. I will demo it to you in simple steps below.

  1. Go to the Item under which you want to change a word in all the occurrences. (Ex. Home item in my case)

2. Now click on the search icon above Quick Info.

3. Click on the search icon on the page.

4. Once all the results are return, click dropdown icon and click on Search operations.

5. Click on the Search and Replace link

6. A pop will appear where you will need to enter the word and the replacement word.

7. In this example, I am replace “blog” to “News” and click OK.

Once you click OK, BOOOM… all the occurrences of the “Blog” will be replaced by “News”.

Hope this helps.

Thank you… Keep Learning… Keep Sitecoring.. 🙂

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